About AAS

Blessings and Welcome to Asklepios Astrology Services
It is no secret that life can be filled with the unpredictable, the  expected and the unknown.  At times you require advice, guidance or  an alternate, objective viewpoint or clarity in whatever situation you might  find yourself in to help you to make choices or decisions.  Many  people over the years have sought the advice of a caring, accurate and experienced  psychic counsellor or astrologer after conventional approaches or methods have failed or left one feeling dissatisfied.   In the case of some individuals, consulting the psychic counsellor or astrologer is the first ‘port of call’.  There are numerous reasons why people are turning to such practitioners when  challenged with everyday problems related to money, work and  relationships.  It is not uncommon to hear that a friend or  colleague has sought insight from a psychic counsellor or astrologer when faced with an  important turning point in their life or when one’s future direction is  unclear.

About Me
I have held a strong interest in Astrology, Hinduism, comparative religion/spirituality and the esoteric arts since childhood, but it feels like a great deal longer. 
From an early age I was reading books on Astrology and drawn to the topic of magic, crystals, divination, meditation, the Tarot and the cycles of nature.  Throughout my adult life I was continually puzzled as to why I was drawn to these practises, only to discover I had inherited my grandmother’s divination skills, herself a clairvoyant and clairaudient medium, psychometrist and reader of photos and the Tea Leaves.  Over the past two decades I have consulted with many people, using Astrology, Tasseomancy and the Tarot to help guide and offer insight when faced with making important decisions or encountering a time of personal transition.  I am genuine about my work and enjoy it – I consider it to be my special calling or vocation in life.  All my work is undertaken in an ethical manner and with the utmost honesty and integrity – you can also be assured of your privacy being protected.  In order for your to get the most out of your consultation with me I encourage you to approach it with an open mind and an open heart.  I work with Jyotish i.e. Vedic Astrology, Traditional Renaissance Astrology using the techniques of William Lily and the psychological, mythic and archetypal themes found in Modern, Western Astrology. Astrology is my passion and specialise in Electional and Horary Astrology (see website menus). My background and training is not confined to Astrology and Tarot – I am a facilitator of ritual and ceremony. In the past I have conducted rituals that celebrate the changing face of nature and the seasons. Examples of these are Full Moons, the Equinoxes and Solstices and personal rite of passage ceremonies known as Handfastings.   It is my intention to provide insightful, accurate and helpful astrological consults while keeping ‘Do No Harm’ in mind at all times. 

In Loving Seva

Asklepios Astrology Services

Qualifications and Training
Clinical Pastoral Education – Melbourne, VIC (2016)
Certificate IV in Pastoral Care (National Training Solutions 2016)
Hinduism – Online student Oxford Uni (2015)
Certificate In Traditional Renaissance Electional Astrology (Christopher Warnock 2014)
Diploma of Vedic Astrology (Dirah Academy 2014)
Certificate in Applied Astrology (Astrosynthesis 2011)
Diploma of Horary Astrology (Ambrosia Astrology School 2011)
Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy (College of Celebrancy 2008)
Certificate in Kabbalah (Institute of Esoteric Studies 2008)
Certificate in Astrology & Cosmobiology (Australian College of Astrology & Cosmobiology (1999)
Certificate in Tarot Studies (Institute of Esoteric Studies 1999)

Professional Associations
Appointed as
Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia (2001)
Current Member of Victorian Astrologers Association

Please be aware that all readings are for guidance only and do not replace the medical, legal or psychological advice of a registered medical practitioner, lawyer or psychologist.


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